Country home in an equestrian community

Many people have a dream of finding a perfect piece of land and building a home in the country – or even in an equestrian community – but may be overwhelmed with the number of steps and level of detail involved in making it happen.

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    In the mean time, here are five things to consider to get you started:

    Location, location, location

    This one seems obvious, but it’s the most critical step in making a new life in a new home or equestrian community. Do you prefer a wooded lot or lake frontage or neither? Do you envision watching the sunset from your deck or having a clear elevated view of the lake? Our homesites allow enough space to position your home the way you envision it, with fewer restrictions than you would find in a development with smaller lots.

    Beyond the vision for your homesite, make sure there amenities that match your lifestyle, such as access to a high-speed fiber network, county-maintained roads, access to highways.  Do you questions about the process for purchasing a lot?

    Many families are choosing the 934-acre country lifestyle Equestrian Lakes has to offer, with its rolling hills, expansive home sites, fishing, hiking, biking, and, of course, horses.

    A sense of community

    Where you build a home is about more than just who your neighbors are, it’s the amenities that are available and common areas that make a neighborhood feel like a community. Choose a community where there places to go and relax, to meet up with friends and neighbors, or to just enjoy the calming country lifestyle.

    We are proud to offer our residents a place to enjoy the country, but also provide ways for neighbors to connect: at the pool, on the trail, at the playground, or at the equestrian facility. We recognize that families make a community.

    Shop around for builders…

    You may have clear ideas about the home you plan to build, but you need a qualified and trusted builder to develop the actual plans and make your home a reality. Your builder will understand local laws and regulations, how to apply for necessary permits, and how best to interface with the community developer. There are lots of resources for builders in any area (in Louisville, start with the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville) with samples of the homes they build and references from previous clients. Take the time to research and meet with builders until you find one who shares your vision.

    Here are a few builders affiliated with Equestrian Lakes:

    …and Shop for Financing

    Purchasing a lot before building a home can seem daunting, but keep in mind that there are financing options available.  Finding a lender with experience with lot loans and new construction is critical to learning which option is best for you. Not all banks are willing to loan on acreage only; they prefer to have a home. We’ve teamed up with Citizens Union Bank in Shelbyville. They offer lot financing, construction loans, and a mortgage loan, as well.

    We understand all these needs and we offer in-house financing for homesite purchases for 24 months, giving you time to design your home and secure a builder.

    Understand the timeline

    Once you’ve found the perfect homesite in a great community, have selected a builder and have approved financing, the vision can become reality. Discuss the project timeline with your builder and developer to understand the order of operations and the overall time to completion. They can direct you when the time is right to select materials, interior finishes and fixtures.

    Building a home is an exciting adventure–don’t be intimidated! Research, visit home sites, meet builders and tour homes for ideas. Then jump in and make it happen by contacting us. We look forward to hearing from you!