Equine Behavior Sumposium – Sept. 8

Equestrian Lakes is happy to host the Equine Behavior Symposium with Robert M. Miller, DVM and Lester Buckley on September 8, from 10am–6pm. Dr. Miller and Lester Buckley are excited to share the insightful techniques they’ve perfected over two decades, combining horse psychology with methodologies to help you learn how to develop your equine companion.

Event fees are $150 for mounted participants (limit 8) and $110 for un-mounted participants (limit 40).

For details, click here (PDF).

Sunset at Equestrian Lake, Kentucky's Premier Equestrian Community

Back in Action @ the New Land Rover Kentucky 3 Day Event

The 4* 3-Day Event held at the Kentucky Horse Park the last weekend of every April is as good as Christmas morning to horse lovers. Even though it is hard to drop “Rolex” from the vernacular, as the Event was fondly referred to for more years than not, the excitement of a new title sponsor, Land Rover, ignited even more anticipation than sunrise on December 25th.

There is simply nothing better than crisp, dew-soaked morning in the heart of Bluegrass Country. As we drove into the Trade Fair this morning, the sun bounced off the white Lexington fencing and you could practically feel Spring’s arrival.

Many Kentuckians consider the first Saturday of May to be the unofficial start of Spring; fans of this event would argue otherwise.

The Trade Fair was hopping as early as 9 am with a packed house of merchants selling all the goods with incredible deals. In case you’re wondering, the Fair seems more robust than ever and the attendance seemed steady. Lots of visitors stopped to say hello and take a peek at what we have shaking on the development 45 minutes west of the Horse Park.

This event is always something we look forward to as Equestrian Lakes offers everything an equine enthusiast could desire, and it’s fun to spread the word. After all, we’re just as much a horse lover, admiring spectator, shopping enthusiast as we are a supporter of such a prestigious competition.

Per tradition, we are raffling off Equestrian Lakes branded saddle pads each day. Come see us, hang out, catch up and definitely register (for free) to win a saddle pad. We are booth 183.

If you are visiting from out of town and would enjoy a tour of Kentucky’s premier equestrian community, give us a shout or complete the form below and we’ll make sure we make arrangements for you. There is no better time to imagine your life here.

You may even say it’s like Christmas in April.



    Lester Buckley Clinic at Equestrian Lakes

    An equestrian liberty clinic, presented by Lester Buckley and emceed by Charlie Metzger, was held this past holiday season at Equestrian Lakes in Finchville, KY.

    Mr. Buckley, now part of the Equestrian Lakes community, is a former head horse trainer for the King Ranch in Texas and the Parker Ranch of Hawaii. He spent over a decade studying with German riding masters and is licensed as a Sport Horse Trainer by the German FN.

    The focus of this clinic was on the insights of Christian principles in working, influencing and living with a better understanding of our horses.

    The twelve principles that were covered, using various breeds of horses at liberty, were the importance of respect, understanding the nature of the horse, leadership, time, stewardship, foundation, limits, likemindedness, humility, meekness, trust and temperance.

    These were not only demonstrated, but looked into more closely, in terms of what is required from both the equestrian and from the horse to have the best relationship.

    A living manger scene was presented by Caroline Maddox with her miniature donkey and a miniature horse. After the clinic, people came by the living manger scene to receive their gifts to start the Christmas season.

    Kim Wigginton presented creative Christian artwork during the noon lunch, catered by Elizabeth Rosenburg, along with beautiful music by Amy Kaufman. Elizabeth catered a delicious BBQ luncheon, including coleslaw, potato salad and dessert!

    We are grateful for the full house of people both Friday and Saturday and look forward to the next gathering!

    More information about Buckley Ranch and Sport Horses can be found here.