Equestrian Estates Building Restrictions & Guidelines

Keeping Our Equine Neighborhood Beautiful

  1. Phase I – 3,500 SF minimum, 1st floor level 2,800 SF minimum finished out living area above finished grade elevation.
  2. Phase I North – 2,500 SF minimum, 1st floor level 1,750 SF minimum finished out living area above finished grade elevation.
  3. No exposed block or concrete, all exposed footings and retaining wall must be brick or rock finish.
  4. All roofs 7- and 12-pitch minimum with the exception of clay tile roofs.
  5. Mail boxes must be rocked or bricked with the exception to Phase I North lots, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 13.
  6. No gravel driveways or parking areas all must be concrete, asphalt, tile or other approved products.
  7. One barn, shop or out building allowed per lot.  Additional outbuildings will be considered on lots consisting of 15 acres or more.
  8. One horse per 2.5 acres.
  9. All animals must be fenced or on a leash at all times.
  10. No dog kennels with the intent to sell or breed.
  11. All trailers, recreational vehicles/campers,  tractors and equipment implements must be stored under roof.
  12. All fences must be four rail wood stained black to match development riding trails. With the exception of black ornamental fence to be used to encompass pool regulated areas. Fence height not to exceed 60″.
  13. Side and back building lot lines not closer than 50′, except property on Hwy 148 not closer than 100′ to Hwy 148 property line. All frontage of any road in sub-division no structure will be closer than 100’.
  14. Building structure on all lake frontage lots no closer than 100′ from lake common area property line.
  15. All house, arena and outbuilding plans must be presented and approved by New Construction Building Committee before beginning construction.
  16. All contractors must be approved by the New Construction Building Committee.
  17. All single-family dwellings.
  18. No subdividing of any lots.
  19. No unlicensed motorized vehicles except for golf carts allowed on any development streets.
  20. No obnoxious noises allowed.
  21. Inoperable cars, trucks or other vehicles must be stored in an enclosed garage or outbuilding.
  22. No modular homes.
  23. All exterior finishes are to be brick, rock or siding approved by New Construction Building Committee.
  24. Temporary portable office/storage buildings allowed on lots during construction of new homes only and must be approved by the New Construction Building Committee.
  25. No overhead utilities–all must be under ground.
  26. All lots require approved septic systems that meet Shelby County regulations.
  27. All material must be new and meet or exceed building codes.
  28. Chimneys constructed on exterior walls shall be rock or brick.
  29. All outbuilding, remodeling or improvement plans submitted must be completed within one year after date of approval or be resubmitted again for approval from New Construction Building Committee.
  30. Ponds are allowed to be constructed on lots with the approval of Home Owners Association and be properly maintained and controlled with chemicals to avoid algae buildup.